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Ometepe is a large island, and there are many good accommodation options. Aaron and I ultimately decided to camp rather than to rent a hotel, bungalow, or cabaña, but we did our customary research on places prior to setting out on our Nicaragua adventure.

The list of places we compiled from our research is as follows:

Hotel Ometepetl

  • +505 2569 4276
  • $25 – $65

Located in Moyogalpa just a few steps from the port dock, Ometepetl is one of the island’s original hotels.

With reasonable rates and experienced guides to help you plan your stay on the island, Ometepetl is a favorite with tour groups. The hotel has smallish, colorful rooms featuring cable TV, a garden area with hammocks, and restaurant serving a variety of local dishes.

Hotel Ometepetl is one of the many places on Ometepe working toward environmental sustainability. Recent efforts include reducing its electricity consumption through the installation of photo-voltaic solar panels and decreasing water consumption by installing water-efficient toilets.

Charco Verde

  • $45 – $70

At Charco Verde Nature Reserve are three resorts nested side by side on the western beaches at the base of Volcán Concepción, just south of the San Jose ferry port. The Charco Verde Hotel is largest of the three, with several accommodation options individual cabins and a full restaurant.

Charco Verde Hotel will help guests to organize kayaks, hiking tours, horseback riding and other activities.

Hotel Finca Santo Domingo

  • $20 – $46

The Hotel-Villa Santo Domingo is a family-operated business founded in March 1993 (one of the first hotel on the island).

Hotel Santo Domingo is dedicated to improving socio-economic and ecological environment on Ometepe, and to fostering development in the ecological, tourism, social and economic fields. The engineer José Alcides Flores, owner of Hotel-Villa Santo Domingo, has lead many innovate projects, including construction of a biodigester (the first of Ometepe Island, in 2010) that supplies bio-gas to two nearby hotels. He also helped establish the 'Ometepe-Germany Project' that promotes the collection and use of disposable plastic and metal for the manufacture of organic blocks used in housing construction. The Hotel-Villa Santo Domingo also sponsors the daily feeding of two herds of white-faced monkeys and helps to provide veterinary care to ill or injured members of the herd..

Villa Paraiso

  • $30 – $55

Another early establishment of island tourism, Villa Paraiso, Playa Santo Domingo offers rooms and private cabins overlooking the beach. The Villa is reputed to be one of the best choices for accommodation on the island. The hotel is located 24 km from Moyogalpa, the main port on the island of Ometepe and 14 km from the new port of San Jose del Sur.

El Encanto del Sur

  • $8-25.

Founded by Carlos Espino in 2005, El Encanto is an experimental farm, hotel, and restaurant. It began as a banana plantation with a small hotel and restaurant. In 2009, El Encanto started a garden for showcasing different species of Ometepe flora. The project boats over six thousand plants. There are also several kinds of butterflies and other interesting insects that frequent the garden, and the hotel has tracked the visits of over 40 species of birds (with half of them living on the farm) as well as iguanas and other species of animals.

El Encanto is known for its simple but clean, comfortable private rooms and dorm as well as for its gorgeous grounds. Guests can also enjoy views of both the Maderas volcano to the south and the Concepción volcano to the northwest. Petroglyphs are scattered across the property.

El Encanto will help to coordinate a professional birding guide on request.

El Encanto is marked by a hand-carved wooden, visible as you exit the isthmus and enter Santa Cruz.

Finca Ecológica El Zopilote

El Zopilote (Balgüe, Maderas) was founded by two Italians, Bruno and Cristiano, in 2002. The estate is both hostel and permaculture farm, and guiding philosophy at El Zopilote is to work with respect for the environment and nature. The farm grows a variety of crops, including some tomatoes, chili, arugula, spinach, different types of perennial and seasonal salads leafs, mustard, oregano, rosemary, mint, vanilla, ginger, turmeric, tobacco, and aloe vera (among other things).

El Zopilote caters mainly to the backpacker crowd. They offer a comfortable dormitory as well as several private cabins, hammocks, and a space for camping.

Toilets on the property are latrine-style composting toilets. Showers are open air.

Finca Magdalena

  • $10 – $55

Finca Magdalena (Balgüe, Maderas) is one of Ometepe's original coffee plantations and now is a farming co-op, Cooperativa Carlos Díaz Cajina, that offers accommodations in the form of a hostel, camping grounds and a restaurant. The property, 350-hectares in size, stretches along the foothills and up the slopes of Volcán Maderas. In addition to coffee, Finca Magdalena grows plantains, milk, corn, beans, rice and vegetables.


  • Dorm: $13, cabins: $80 – $130.

One of the newest resorts on the island, Totoco (Balgüe, Maderas offers eco-friendly luxury accommodations. Guest lodges are designed traveler seeking comfort or convenience while being environmentally responsible and close to nature.

Situated on a 6 hectare plot at the base of the Maderas Volcano's cloud forest, Totoco also runs an organic permaculture farm and fruit orchard and produces organic shade-grown coffee. The main lodge houses the restaurant and offers fantastic 320 degree views. The property also includes a swimming pool.

When traveling from Altagracia (40 mins) follow the main road in the direction of Moyogalpa and turn left after 5 mins in the direction of Maderas Volcano.

Hacienda Merida

  • $6 – $28

Hacienda Merida (Merida, Maderas) (formerly an important farm of the Somoza family) boasts spectacular sunsets, beautiful views of the Maderas and Concepcion Volcanoes, a fishing dock, High Speed Internet, and direct access to Lake Nicaragua. Accommodation options include private rooms with views of the lake, hammocks, fans, private bathrooms and comfortable beds. They also have quad rooms with private bathrooms, dorms with shared bathrooms, and space for camping.

Hacienda Mérida sponsors a number of community development programs, including an English school for local children different volunteer initiatives. They also an excellent source of tourist info for all activities on the southern end of the island.

La Omaja

  • $30 – $40
  • +505 8885-1124

Named by its owner, a native of Omaha, Nebraska, La Omaja (Merida, Maderas) offers individual cabins, a restaurant, and high speed Internet.


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