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So what is there to do on a remote island? Anna and I chose to visit Little Corn Island precisely because we wished to distance ourselves from the hustle and bustle of daily life: to unplug and unwind. For us, the highlights of our trip were soaking in the sun, enjoying the nature, and doing a whole lot of nothing.

There are, however, a few things to see and explore while on the island. The following is Anna's and my pre-departure list of activities, derived from Internet research:

Cultural Sites

The Internet suggests that there are a couple of local churches, though Anna and I were not able to identify them during our casual strolls around the village. The same is true with regard to sunken boats (though there are several such boats visible from the North End of Big Corn).

Little Corn does have a small lighthouse situated next to a large cell tower. Anna and I also didn't manage to find this one in the end (though I did manage to locate it on Google satellite). The cell tower is climbable and offers an great view of the island. Take care on the ladder, and think twice if you´re afraid of heights.

J-P Keskinen: View over the Island

There is rumoured to be a football (soccer) field in the centre of the island. This one also eluded us. We did, however pass the newly-renovated baseball field each time we walked from Yamaya to the Village (also visible from Google satellite.

Near to the basketball court in the north part of the Village (just after you turn right at the fork in the road) is Radio Likkle I— the local community radio station. Radio Likkle I welcomes visitors and islanders alike to help create new radio shows with the intent to educate listeners, i.e., cryptocurreny, self-sustenance, farming, bacteria and disease control and awareness, environmentalism etc. They also offers inexpensive access to the Internet and sell local music to help their operations. [phone= 707-633-8792; hours= 12-10 pm] Visitors can also contribute to the station's crowdfunding campaign (which accepts crypto-currency).

Finally, there's the Bottle House and Cultural Center—a small structure constructed of bottles by Little Corn's artist, jewelry maker & mayor "Tall Boy."


Natural Sites

From Anna's and my perspective, it is the natural beauty of Little Corn that makes the island so attractive. With no roads or motor vehicles, visitors are free to roam the entire island landscape happy and carefree.

While we're certainly no experts on all the local names for beaches and other geographic and geologic features, Anna and I did manage to compile what we feel is a fairly comprehensive list of 'natural places to see' while on Little Corn Island:

Otto Beach

Otto Beach is located on the the north end of Little Corn Island. This is perhaps the best beach on the island: an excellent place to swim, snorkel and relax.

Otto Beach

Even with the newly-constructed Yemaya located there, the beach remains mostly quiet and is impeccably clean. Otto Beach is a solid 20+ minute walk from town. Getting there involves climbing the hill that sits in the centre of the island and a march through jungle.

George's Cay

George's Cay is a secluded beach—a short distance from Derek's Place to the north and LCBB to the south. It's one of beaches on Little Corn Island with few visitors. Enjoy sunbathing or swimming in complete privacy, surrounded by nature, crystal clear water, white sand and a gentle ocean breeze.

Blaze Point Beach

One of the defining characteristics of George's Cay are the rocks that separate it from the beaches to the north and south. Accessing the beach from the north requires traversing a little hill or otherwise hopping across the rock outcroppings at low tides.

There are no signs marking the beach.

Kelly Gully Beach

Located in the eastern part of the island, Kelly Gully beach offers calm and crystalline waters, towering palms of coconut, white sand and a narrow strip of grass next to the coast. Kelly Gully is especially nice for a beachside stroll at low tide, with the gentle waves lapping calmly at your feet.

Kelly Gully Beach

At higher tides, the beach mostly disappears and only the narrow grass bed and equally thick strip of seaweed debris remain.

Cocal Beach

Cocal Beach is located in the southeastern part of Little Corn Island, about 10 minutes south of Kelly Gully Beach and 25 minutes north of Iguana Beach. Yet another of Little Corn's crystal-clear white sand beaches, Cocal Beach has slightly less seaweed debris than its neighbours—due in large part to the clean-up and maintenance efforts of Little Corn Beach and Bungalow. If you are lucky you will observe the crabs building their houses or spot a rays out in the shallow sandy waters off shore.

Cocal Beach can be easily accessed from the Village by taking the path the crosses the island from just south of the port.

Cocal beach (and Cocal Swamp) is marked by a couple of brown wooden signs.

Iguana Beach


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