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Natural Sites

The island is quite picturesque. Hiking inland reveals the tropical jungle landscapes; there are two big beaches and lots of tiny and remote ones. A boat trip around the island will showcase its natural beauty.

North End

Big Corn Island's North End is characterized by crystalline waters, stunning beaches and beautiful coral reefs teeming with colourful aquatic life. There are main beaches: North End Beach and Sally Peaches.

North End Beach

North End beach is the less popular of the two North End Beaches due to being relatively narrow, situated very close to the road, and crowded by houses and small restaurants. It does, however, make for a nice view when sitting a cold beer or coconut milk in the afternoon heat. There are also many sunken and permanently moored boats at which to gaze.

Sally Peaches

Sally Peaches is a well-regarded snorkelling spot located on the north-east side of Big Corn Island. It's also a pleasant place to hand a hammock and to relax under the shade of the palm trees.

The soft white sand of Sally Peaches begins just next to the road and continues on past rustic lodgings to some more offer some more secluded areas. The beach is characterized by gentle waves, thus also making it a pleasant area for long swims. [Some people report that the surf can sometime get a little rough.]

Sally Peaches can be reached within a few minutes walk north from the main dock, or 5 minutes by taxi.

South End

Long Bay

Long Bay Beach is located on the south-east side of the island. The waves of Long Bay are stronger than the other beaches and it's a little more rocky, but it's still regarded as a nice beach for swimming. When the winds get stronger (October-December), high waves turn Long Bay into a great surfing spot.

As relatively less-visited beach, Long Bay is nice spot for those seeking a bit more privacy than may be afforded at Sally Peaches—though the beach bars and hotels aren't too far off.

In order to reach the beach, enter through a dirt access road just off the main island road, about 10 minutes by taxi from the main Pier.

South West Beach

South West Beach features a calm sea and a white beach that is ideal for swimming.

Bluff Point

Bluff Point is the southernmost point on Big Corn Island. It's a bit less accessible due to the lack of footpaths or roads. Large rocks make it not a great site for swimming or relaxing, but offers some spectacular views that can be enjoyed when hiking or walking around the island.

East Side

Most of the tiny and remote beaches are between Sally Peaches and South End. Beware many beaches have litter, plastic bottles and trash scattered about them.

Brig Bay Beach

Brig Bay is the commercial hub of Big Corn Island—the municipal docks where all fishing, cargo and passenger vessels arrive, and where many of the island's hotels, restaurants, bars and shops are found. This is also the the main 'town' of Big Corn Island (actually more like a small group of houses lining the main road). There is an Internet café and an ATM. It is also the area with the best cellular signal (for both Movistar and Claro).

Brig Bay is not commonly used for swimming and relaxing due to the boat traffic and lack of much of a sand coastline. If you poke around a bit along the smaller paths and trails, however, there are a few hidden spots.

Waula Point

Located just south of Brig Bay, Waula Point offers some other stunning views and tranquillity. About 15' of water off of Waula Point (near to the Paraiso resort), is a 400-year-old wreck of a Spanish Galleon that can be explored by snorkelling or diving, or viewed with a glass bottom boat excursion. Clearly visible are 14 cannons and the original anchor. No known archaeological survey or salvaging has ever been done on this wreck.

Picnic Center

Picnic Centre is a beach on the south-eastern part of the island. The beach is known to be good for swimming due to its calm waters and gentle tides.

Picnic Beach is the cleanest and most beautiful beach, with fine sand and gentle waves. There are two restaurants, the picnic centre which has thatch cabanas to sit under, and Arenas. Arenas has wonderful white cabanas and will bring food and drinks out to the beach. This beach is great when the sun is shining, but in the evening and when it rains there are tons of sand flies that bite so beware.


Mt. Pleasant Tower

Hike to the top of Mount Pleasant (the highest point on Big Corn Island), through small gardens and lush jungle, to find a 360° panoramic view of the island from an old view tower.

Mount Pleasant is pretty much in the centre of Big Corn. Trails can be found throughout the island. One can find a fairly well-defined path starting at Sunrise Hotel. Another option is the a road that leads uphill from Casa Canada, past a school. Behind the school there are some paths that lead up to it.

Yet another road starts near the north side of the airfield. Generally speaking, the hike in takes between thirty and forty minutes.


Directly to the east of the town's dock and behind Fisher's Cave there is an area of the ocean that has been closed off from the rest of the water.

Considering how most animal exhibits are in developing nations, this one is not that bad. It is an enclosed area that allows fresh ocean water can go back and forth through the walls. You can walk along the walls to get different angles to look at the marine life. When I was there they had barracuda, nurse sharks, turtles and other aquatic creatures. It was a decent size although I wish it was bigger for the nurse sharks. Hopefully it teaches the local kids to enjoy the marine life that surround their island.

Cultural Sites

Ebenezer Baptist Church

Ebenezer Baptist Church is a rather large church located on the North End, originally founded in 1852 by Reverend Edward Kelly.

Soul of the World

Soul of the World is part of a global sculpture of artist Rafael Trénor, located on Quinn Hill, Big Corn Island. The sculpture itself, which resembles a pyramid in form, is considered to be a tribute to the Goddess of the Earth Mother.

Each of the eight sculptures comprising this project represents a corner of an imaginary cube within the earth. According to the artist, there is only one positioning of this imaginary cube where all eight vertices would break on land. The antipode of the sculpture placed at Big Corn Island is located on Cocos Islands, Australia. The 6 other vertices are located in Hawaii (USA), Tierra del Fuego (Argentina or Chile), Galicia (Spain or Portugal), Kalahari Desert (Botswana), Lake Baikal (Buryat Republic, Russia) and South Island (New Zealand). Trénor started the Soul of the World project in 1988.

The area around the Soul of the World is a park, La Loma. The park has a small playground and basketball court and is surrounded by cement benches. Behind the court is a small wall that borders the monument. Within this area, three tiled paths that go up to the pyramid. The park is reportedly overgrown with weeds and in poor condition.


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