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Only staying on Big Corn Island for one evening on our way from Little Corn back to Managua, Aaron and I didn't get much of a chance to explore the island's numeroud eateries. We did, however, enjoy some of the best food of our entire vacation at Comedor Maris--beautifully prepared dishes of shrimp and lobster and a delicious 'Run Down' [(also Rondón) soup consisting of fish, potato, vegetables, and coconut water]. For Mrs. Maris' alone we wish we had a few more days on Big Corn.

Yet in spite of having only very limited time to explore, Aaron and I did manage to do our customary research on places to eat. Below is the list of restaurants we found (in no particular order):

Insider Tips: It can take a long time between ordering and receiving your food—as long as 1 hour (we actually waited 2 hours in one place on Little Corn). Also, if you are a picky eater or have dietary restrictions, be sure to inquire about how the food is prepared. Most restaurants serve roughly equivalent selections of fish and other seafood. Vegetarian and vegan food is rare and unvaried (mostly pasta and fries). Salads comprised only of fresh vegetables and fruits can be difficult to find.

Comedor Maris

  • tel: +505 2575 5135

Located on the North End, Comedor Maris is a small family business run from the home of the owner, Dannette.

Food is served on the veranda or one the few patio tables, shaded by Dannette's well-manicured garden. Dannette prepares a variety of chicken, fish, shrimp and lobster dinners. While there may be a menu floating around to give you an idea of what's on offer. A more fun (and rewarding) approach is just to let Dannette know what style food interests you and to allow her to put something together. Aaron and I asked for a dish of mixed shrimp and lobster, which came served in a butter and herb sauce with a side of finely sliced fresh veggies. We alsoi heard good things about the fresh batidos (a Latin American handmade blended beverage similar to smoothies, made with milk, fruit, and usually ice).

All items cooked to order from fresh ingredients (purchased at market daily). Soup served each Sunday. For Rondon, it's best to order 24 hours in advance. [Aaron and I were lucky in that Dannette agreed to make it for us with only three hours of advanced notice.]

Big Fish Café

Big Fish is yet another of the many restaurants linked to a hostel—and one that gets some good reviews.

Located on the North End, Big Fish Cafe is rumored to be a bit on the more expensive side, but also reputed to be clean and to offer great service and consistently good food. Especially well regarded are the BBQ fish and bbq chicken. Peoples also recommend the lobster kabobs, and pork with cole slaw, tortillas and gallo pinto (red beans and rice), banna leaf wrapped grilled fish, grilled langoustines, and grilled plantains. Rondón also on offer. The owners are also known to accommodate special dietary requests.

The Buccaneer

The Buccaneer, located at Paraiso Beach Hotel, "Ship Wreck Beach", features international cuisine made from local ingredients. A "pirate inspired restaurant", Buccaneer is an open air venue covered by a thatched roof. Diners enjoy a view of the garden, the beach, and the Caribbean sea. The restaurant also regularly features live music.

The Restaurant Buccaneer is located within the Paraiso Club. The restaurant has a great menu including deserts like cake and ice cream. The food is varied from pasta and bruschetta to traditional island dishes and fresh fish.

Paraiso has a fantastic menu including deserts. The food is varied from pasta and bruschetta to traditional island dishes and fresh fish. They also make the best pina coladas and coco loco's. They use coconuts cut from the tree.

Restaurant Bellavista

Restaurant Bellavista (Playa Shipwreck, Brig Bay), operated from the Hotel Bellavista, serves Italian and Caribbean cuisines and offers Italian wine. The specialty is the Seafood Pasta (prepared al dente.). Also serves fresh eggs and local coffee for breakfast.

Fisher's Cave

  • location: contiguo Muelle, Brig Bay
  • tel: +505 2575 1191
  • cuisine: seafood
  • prices: mains US$5-16
  • opening hours: 7am-11pm

Reputed as one of the locals’ preferred fish house, Fisher's Cave is bright and clean. Overlooking the dock and Brig Bay Harbor. Known especially for the soup.

La Princesa de la Isla

La Princesa de la Isla is a little resort run by an Italian family on the the western coast of Big Corn. Their Bar & Restaurant serves Italian fare, including a selection of wines. You can also get a real cappuccino. Dinners of fish or chicken start at around US$18 per person and include spaghetti, salad and dessert. Open from 8:00 to 22:00. Dinner reservations must be made 4 hours in advance.

La Princesa Bar & Restaurant is located within the hotel La Princesa de la Isla. The restaurant offers italian cuisine in a private and relaxing atmosphere. Unfortunately you have to reserve a table and your food before dining there or having a lunch. A coffee or an italian cappuchino is available the whole day.

Arenas Restaurant

  • tel: +505 2222 6574

The Arenas Restaurant, run out of the Arena's Hotel is know for its location on 'the best beach of Big Corn Island'. Serves lobster, shrimp and conch salads as well as crepes, pizzas and pasta dishes. Service is known to be a bit slow. Free wifi.

Picnic Center Restaurant

Picnic Center Restaurant is a beachfront restaurant and bar with a hotel attached. Under the thatched roof you can enjoy a cocktail in the shadow directly at the sunny and best beach of Corn Island. The restaurant features typical island cuisine.

less expensive than most other places, indoor and outdoor seating available.

Restaurant Sabor

Located in the Sunrise Hotel on the South End. Serves fresh fish, seafood plates, and lobster when in season.

Island Style Tiki Bar

Island Style Tiki Bar regarded as one of the best places to eat on Big Corn. Located on Long Bay Beach, Island Style offers to watch you belongings while you sunbathe and body surf and invites you to cool off with cold refreshments and traditional meals. The dining room also serves as a dance floor at night. Island Style is especially popular after the Sunday baseball games.

Nico's Restaurant

Nico's Restaurant is good for any occasion: eating, drinking and (in the evenings) partying in the disco.

Casa Canada

Restaurant Casa Canada on Long Bay Beach serves local and international cuisine. Also offers a unique selection of cocktails. Known as one of the most expensive places to dine on Big Corn Island.

Seva's (Dos Millas)

Seva's among the most famous restaurants on Corn Island—filling up with locals and tourists alike for both lunch and dinner. Special dishes of lobster and fish should be ordered a day in advance. Also known for cold, natural juices. Tables both in the restaurant and on the beachside balcony across the street.


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