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Ometepe is a large island, and there are many good accommodation options. Aaron and I ultimately decided to camp rather than to rent a hotel, bungalow, or cabaña, but we did our customary research on places prior to setting out on our Nicaragua adventure.

The list of places we compiled from our research is as follows:

Hotel Ometepetl

  • +505 2569 4276
  • $25 – $65

Located in Moyogalpa just a few steps from the port dock, Ometepetl is one of the island’s original hotels.

With reasonable rates and experienced guides to help you plan your stay on the island, Ometepetl is a favorite with tour groups. The hotel has smallish, colorful rooms featuring cable TV, a garden area with hammocks, and restaurant serving a variety of local dishes.

Hotel Ometepetl is one of the many places on Ometepe working toward environmental sustainability. Recent efforts include reducing its electricity consumption through the installation of photo-voltaic solar panels and decreasing water consumption by installing water-efficient toilets.

Charco Verde

  • $45 – $70

At Charco Verde Nature Reserve are three resorts nested side by side on the western beaches at the base of Volcán Concepción, just south of the San Jose ferry port. The Charco Verde Hotel is largest of the three, with several accommodation options individual cabins and a full restaurant.

Charco Verde Hotel will help guests to organize kayaks, hiking tours, horseback riding and other activities.

Hotel Finca Santo Domingo

  • $20 – $46

The Hotel-Villa Santo Domingo is a family-operated business founded in March 1993 (one of the first hotel on the island).

Hotel Santo Domingo is dedicated to improving socio-economic and ecological environment on Ometepe, and to fostering development in the ecological, tourism, social and economic fields. The engineer José Alcides Flores, owner of Hotel-Villa Santo Domingo, has lead many innovate projects, including construction of a biodigester (the first of Ometepe Island, in 2010) that supplies bio-gas to two nearby hotels. He also helped establish the 'Ometepe-Germany Project' that promotes the collection and use of disposable plastic and metal for the manufacture of organic blocks used in housing construction. The Hotel-Villa Santo Domingo also sponsors the daily feeding of two herds of white-faced monkeys and helps to provide veterinary care to ill or injured members of the herd..

Villa Paraiso

  • $30 – $55

Another early establishment of island tourism, Villa Paraiso, Playa Santo Domingo offers rooms and private cabins overlooking the beach. The Villa is reputed to be one of the best choices for accommodation on the island. The hotel is located 24 km from Moyogalpa, the main port on the island of Ometepe and 14 km from the new port of San Jose del Sur.

El Encanto del Sur

  • $8-25.

Founded by Carlos Espino in 2005, El Encanto is an experimental farm, hotel, and restaurant. It began as a banana plantation with a small hotel and restaurant. In 2009, El Encanto started a garden for showcasing different species of Ometepe flora. The project boats over six thousand plants. There are also several kinds of butterflies and other interesting insects that frequent the garden, and the hotel has tracked the visits of over 40 species of birds (with half of them living on the farm) as well as iguanas and other species of animals.

El Encanto is known for its simple but clean, comfortable private rooms and dorm as well as for its gorgeous grounds. Guests can also enjoy views of both the Maderas volcano to the south and the Concepción volcano to the northwest. Petroglyphs are scattered across the property.

El Encanto will help to coordinate a professional birding guide on request.

El Encanto is marked by a hand-carved wooden, visible as you exit the isthmus and enter Santa Cruz.

Finca Ecológica El Zopilote

El Zopilote (Balgüe, Maderas) was founded by two Italians, Bruno and Cristiano, in 2002. The estate is both hostel and permaculture farm, and guiding philosophy at El Zopilote is to work with respect for the environment and nature. The farm grows a variety of crops, including some tomatoes, chili, arugula, spinach, different types of perennial and seasonal salads leafs, mustard, oregano, rosemary, mint, vanilla, ginger, turmeric, tobacco, and aloe vera (among other things).

El Zopilote caters mainly to the backpacker crowd. They offer a comfortable dormitory as well as several private cabins, hammocks, and a space for camping.

Toilets on the property are latrine-style composting toilets. Showers are open air.

Finca Magdalena

  • $10 – $55

Finca Magdalena (Balgüe, Maderas) is one of Ometepe's original coffee plantations and now is a farming co-op, Cooperativa Carlos Díaz Cajina, that offers accommodations in the form of a hostel, camping grounds and a restaurant. The property, 350-hectares in size, stretches along the foothills and up the slopes of Volcán Maderas. In addition to coffee, Finca Magdalena grows plantains, milk, corn, beans, rice and vegetables.


  • Dorm: $13, cabins: $80 – $130.

One of the newest resorts on the island, Totoco (Balgüe, Maderas offers eco-friendly luxury accommodations. Guest lodges are designed traveler seeking comfort or convenience while being environmentally responsible and close to nature.

Situated on a 6 hectare plot at the base of the Maderas Volcano's cloud forest, Totoco also runs an organic permaculture farm and fruit orchard and produces organic shade-grown coffee. The main lodge houses the restaurant and offers fantastic 320 degree views. The property also includes a swimming pool.

When traveling from Altagracia (40 mins) follow the main road in the direction of Moyogalpa and turn left after 5 mins in the direction of Maderas Volcano.

Hacienda Merida

  • $6 – $28

Hacienda Merida (Merida, Maderas) (formerly an important farm of the Somoza family) boasts spectacular sunsets, beautiful views of the Maderas and Concepcion Volcanoes, a fishing dock, High Speed Internet, and direct access to Lake Nicaragua. Accommodation options include private rooms with views of the lake, hammocks, fans, private bathrooms and comfortable beds. They also have quad rooms with private bathrooms, dorms with shared bathrooms, and space for camping.

Hacienda Mérida sponsors a number of community development programs, including an English school for local children different volunteer initiatives. They also an excellent source of tourist info for all activities on the southern end of the island.

La Omaja

  • $30 – $40
  • +505 8885-1124

Named by its owner, a native of Omaha, Nebraska, La Omaja (Merida, Maderas) offers individual cabins, a restaurant, and high speed Internet.


Ometepe - Accommodations

Ometepe is a large island, and there are many good accommodation options. Aaron and I ultimately decided to camp rather than to rent a hotel, bungalow, or cabaña, but we did our customary research on places prior to setting out on our Nicaragua adventure. The list of places we compiled...

Only staying on Big Corn Island for one evening on our way from Little Corn back to Managua, Aaron and I didn't get much of a chance to explore the island's numeroud eateries. We did, however, enjoy some of the best food of our entire vacation at Comedor Maris--beautifully prepared dishes of shrimp and lobster and a delicious 'Run Down' [(also Rondón) soup consisting of fish, potato, vegetables, and coconut water]. For Mrs. Maris' alone we wish we had a few more days on Big Corn.

Yet in spite of having only very limited time to explore, Aaron and I did manage to do our customary research on places to eat. Below is the list of restaurants we found (in no particular order):

Insider Tips: It can take a long time between ordering and receiving your food—as long as 1 hour (we actually waited 2 hours in one place on Little Corn). Also, if you are a picky eater or have dietary restrictions, be sure to inquire about how the food is prepared. Most restaurants serve roughly equivalent selections of fish and other seafood. Vegetarian and vegan food is rare and unvaried (mostly pasta and fries). Salads comprised only of fresh vegetables and fruits can be difficult to find.

Comedor Maris

  • tel: +505 2575 5135

Located on the North End, Comedor Maris is a small family business run from the home of the owner, Dannette.

Food is served on the veranda or one the few patio tables, shaded by Dannette's well-manicured garden. Dannette prepares a variety of chicken, fish, shrimp and lobster dinners. While there may be a menu floating around to give you an idea of what's on offer. A more fun (and rewarding) approach is just to let Dannette know what style food interests you and to allow her to put something together. Aaron and I asked for a dish of mixed shrimp and lobster, which came served in a butter and herb sauce with a side of finely sliced fresh veggies. We alsoi heard good things about the fresh batidos (a Latin American handmade blended beverage similar to smoothies, made with milk, fruit, and usually ice).

All items cooked to order from fresh ingredients (purchased at market daily). Soup served each Sunday. For Rondon, it's best to order 24 hours in advance. [Aaron and I were lucky in that Dannette agreed to make it for us with only three hours of advanced notice.]

Big Fish Café

Big Fish is yet another of the many restaurants linked to a hostel—and one that gets some good reviews.

Located on the North End, Big Fish Cafe is rumored to be a bit on the more expensive side, but also reputed to be clean and to offer great service and consistently good food. Especially well regarded are the BBQ fish and bbq chicken. Peoples also recommend the lobster kabobs, and pork with cole slaw, tortillas and gallo pinto (red beans and rice), banna leaf wrapped grilled fish, grilled langoustines, and grilled plantains. Rondón also on offer. The owners are also known to accommodate special dietary requests.

The Buccaneer

The Buccaneer, located at Paraiso Beach Hotel, "Ship Wreck Beach", features international cuisine made from local ingredients. A "pirate inspired restaurant", Buccaneer is an open air venue covered by a thatched roof. Diners enjoy a view of the garden, the beach, and the Caribbean sea. The restaurant also regularly features live music.

The Restaurant Buccaneer is located within the Paraiso Club. The restaurant has a great menu including deserts like cake and ice cream. The food is varied from pasta and bruschetta to traditional island dishes and fresh fish.

Paraiso has a fantastic menu including deserts. The food is varied from pasta and bruschetta to traditional island dishes and fresh fish. They also make the best pina coladas and coco loco's. They use coconuts cut from the tree.

Restaurant Bellavista

Restaurant Bellavista (Playa Shipwreck, Brig Bay), operated from the Hotel Bellavista, serves Italian and Caribbean cuisines and offers Italian wine. The specialty is the Seafood Pasta (prepared al dente.). Also serves fresh eggs and local coffee for breakfast.

Fisher's Cave

  • location: contiguo Muelle, Brig Bay
  • tel: +505 2575 1191
  • cuisine: seafood
  • prices: mains US$5-16
  • opening hours: 7am-11pm

Reputed as one of the locals’ preferred fish house, Fisher's Cave is bright and clean. Overlooking the dock and Brig Bay Harbor. Known especially for the soup.

La Princesa de la Isla

La Princesa de la Isla is a little resort run by an Italian family on the the western coast of Big Corn. Their Bar & Restaurant serves Italian fare, including a selection of wines. You can also get a real cappuccino. Dinners of fish or chicken start at around US$18 per person and include spaghetti, salad and dessert. Open from 8:00 to 22:00. Dinner reservations must be made 4 hours in advance.

La Princesa Bar & Restaurant is located within the hotel La Princesa de la Isla. The restaurant offers italian cuisine in a private and relaxing atmosphere. Unfortunately you have to reserve a table and your food before dining there or having a lunch. A coffee or an italian cappuchino is available the whole day.

Arenas Restaurant

  • tel: +505 2222 6574

The Arenas Restaurant, run out of the Arena's Hotel is know for its location on 'the best beach of Big Corn Island'. Serves lobster, shrimp and conch salads as well as crepes, pizzas and pasta dishes. Service is known to be a bit slow. Free wifi.

Picnic Center Restaurant

Picnic Center Restaurant is a beachfront restaurant and bar with a hotel attached. Under the thatched roof you can enjoy a cocktail in the shadow directly at the sunny and best beach of Corn Island. The restaurant features typical island cuisine.

less expensive than most other places, indoor and outdoor seating available.

Restaurant Sabor

Located in the Sunrise Hotel on the South End. Serves fresh fish, seafood plates, and lobster when in season.

Island Style Tiki Bar

Island Style Tiki Bar regarded as one of the best places to eat on Big Corn. Located on Long Bay Beach, Island Style offers to watch you belongings while you sunbathe and body surf and invites you to cool off with cold refreshments and traditional meals. The dining room also serves as a dance floor at night. Island Style is especially popular after the Sunday baseball games.

Nico's Restaurant

Nico's Restaurant is good for any occasion: eating, drinking and (in the evenings) partying in the disco.

Casa Canada

Restaurant Casa Canada on Long Bay Beach serves local and international cuisine. Also offers a unique selection of cocktails. Known as one of the most expensive places to dine on Big Corn Island.

Seva's (Dos Millas)

Seva's among the most famous restaurants on Corn Island—filling up with locals and tourists alike for both lunch and dinner. Special dishes of lobster and fish should be ordered a day in advance. Also known for cold, natural juices. Tables both in the restaurant and on the beachside balcony across the street.


Most of the content of this page derives from a website entitled, The Corn Islands, Nicaragua, and specifically from their article "Restaurants and Bars".

Other references include:

Big Corn - Places to Eat

Only staying on Big Corn Island for one evening on our way from Little Corn back to Managua, Aaron and I didn't get much of a chance to explore the island's numeroud eateries. We did, however, enjoy some of the best food of our entire vacation at Comedor Maris--beautifully prepared...

Where to eat on Little Corn Island? Aaron and I scoured the Internet ahead of our trip to ensure that we wouldn't miss out on the best fare Little Corn has to offer. Although we didn't find a tremedously large volume of places to eat, anyone visiting the Little Corn for only a week or so shouldn't be wanting for variety—cuisine options range from Carribian to pan-American to Italian.

Below is the info we found (along with a few of our own contributions) in no particular order. This list is also not comprehensive; there are a few other local spots. We hope, however, that others may benefit from sharing our research.

Habana Libre - Twila's

  • directions: just north of the port
  • tel: +505 2572 9086
  • price: mains ca. C$100 - C$160 // US$10-14
  • opening hours: noon-10pm

Cuban food & known for excellent service and its dining patio.

Long considered the Corn Islands’ best restaurant, this Cuban kitchen serves up plates of fish, shrimp, lobster, chicken, roast pork and ropa vieja (a Cuban shredded-beef delicacy) as well as appetizers like fish and conch cevice. Dishes are served either barside or at one of their tables on the open air terrace. There's also Cohiba cigars and Cuban rum if you really want to live it up.

Conch Ceviche

Open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner from 11:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m. Specialities (including the slow roast Cuban Pork) require advance ordering. Be sure to make your dinner reservations by 3:00 p.m.

Habana Libre is located right on the beach, just north (and within eyeshot) of the port.

Credit cards accepted.

Café Desideri

  • tel: +505 8412 6341
  • location: Front Side (i.e., the Village) south of Municipal dock

Centrally located in 'The Village' with a view to the beach, Café Desideri is one of the newest restaurant on Little Corn. Known for preparing its food with love, fresh local produce and quality ingredients imported from Italy and mainland Nicaragua, Café Desideri offers a varied menu ranging from sandwiches and hamburgers and sandwiches, to burritos and salads, to Italian pasta dishes and the house speciality, Lobster Termidor. If you are not in a big hurry, they offer excellent lasagna that takes about 30 minutes. Café Desideri also serves fresh juices, a variety of fresh brewed coffees, juices, cocktails and wine. Café Desideri is also known for their decadent deserts.

Café Desideri

Café Desideri is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (closed Mondays). Accepts credit cards and offers cash back for a 10% charge. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 to 9.

Tranquilo Café

  • url:
  • email:
  • phone: +505 8361 3758
  • location: Front Side (i.e., the Village) south of the port, situated on the beach between the two dive shops
  • hours: 11-9 daily (closed Thursdays)
  • price: $2-$8.50"

Located on the 'Front Side' strip almost next to Café Desideri, Tranquilo is an American style bistro/café with quality food, fast service. Appetizers include bruschetta & "Catch of the Day" ceviche. Entrées include big and juicy cheeseburgers, fresh fish tacos, grilled chicken sandwiches and quesadillas as well as nightly dinner specials such as home-made mac & cheese, chicken wings, and fish & chips. Tranquilo also has vegetarian offerings.

Tranquilo Café

Drinks include fresh brewed hot and iced Nicaraguan coffees, local fruit juice "frescos", smoothies, cocktails, and cold beer (including Guinness). It also boasts the largest cocktail menu on the island. Happy Hour Specials from 5-7pm.

Tranquilo Cafe is known as the social centre of Little Corn, and the best place on the island to be "seen", share travel stories, and enjoy the view and sunset. Famous for their twice weekly 'Bonfire Parties', 'Pub Quiz' trivia contests, movie screenings and DJ nights. Also features free WiFi until 10pm, a gift shop that showcases local crafts, T-shirts and traveller necessities.

Open Thursday to Tuesday for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 9:30 a.m. 9:00 p.m.

Turned Turtle Restaurant

  • url:
  • location: Little Corn Beach and Bungalow, Cocal beach (east side of the island) on the east side of the island; about 500 meters North of Casa Iguana
  • price: breakfast ($4 up), lunch ($4.5 up) and four course dinners ($9 up)

Turned Turtle Restaurant is the name of the restaurant at Little Corn Beach and Bungalow (LCBB). Located on Cocal beach [about a half kilometre north of Casa Iguana], this casual beach restaurant serves pan-American cuisine with timely, friendly service. Open for breakfast (7:30 to 10:00), lunch (12:00 to 3:00) and dinner (5:30 to 8:30). The breakfast menu is extensive and affordable (starting at less then $3). Lunch includes some of the island's best fish tacos. The 'Porker Sliders' are a favourite among locals, as is the 'BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Slider'. Dinners are served as complete four-course sets (including starter, soup or salad, veggies with the main course, as well as the daily deserts). The Turned Turtle also features rotating dinner specials ranging from Surf and Turf to Shrimp Scampi. Snacks are served from 11:30 to 4:30. Any any time, one can order the 'Island Dream' fruit smoothies, homemade ice cream and other snacks.

Turned Turtle Restaurant

For drinks, Turned Turtle Restaurant has a good wine selection and speciality drinks—including what some have termed the "best ever" Pina Colada, large margaritas, a concoction called "Big Jeffs Mudhole" and an authentic Canadian "bloody caesar", as well as beer and Flor de Caña rum. Also one of the few places on the island that serves brewed coffee.

Turned Turtle Restaurant is the #1 rated restaurant on Trip Advisor for LCI.

Turned Turtle and LCBB offer free wi-fi, games and book exchange too. No reservations needed. Open 7 days a week.

Grace´s Place / Cool Spot

Local island cuisine served in a pleasant thatched roof building right on the beach. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Customers are usually attended to personally be the owner Miss Gracie.

Carlito's Sunrise Paradise

Featuring typical island cuisine, fresh catch of the day and lobster served from thier beach-side restaurant. Carlito also boasts "the best fried chicken" on the Corn Islands. Tables on beach.

Accepts credit cards.

Casa Iguana

Casa Iguana serves breakfast every morning and dinner most nights. Fresh fruits, vegetables and other ingredients are supplied by their large, private garden. Vegetarian options and special preparations for those with dietary restrictions on request. Sample menus and details on website. Full bar. Pool table on premises.

Breakfast served daily from 7:30 to 10:00 a.m. Lunch and dinner from 11:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m. Dinner reservations should be made by noon at Dive Little Corn or Casa Iguana.


  • price: breakfast: C$60; meals US$4-8.50
  • opening hours: 6:30am - 9:30pm


Located on the path between the Village and Casa Iguana, Rosa's is popular for inexpensive but delicious local cuisine. Rosa's is also rumoured to have the best breakfast on the island (coffee, fresh fruit bowl, one of several options for the main—all for C$100).

Comedor First Stop/ Miss Brigett's

  • price: C$120 - C$160 for mains

Set back from the main walking path, Miss Brigett serves lobster, shrimp, fish and fried chicken.

Suggested to be some of the best typical island cuisine to be found on Little Corn. Affordable prices.


Little Corn - Places to Eat

Where to eat on Little Corn Island? Aaron and I scoured the Internet ahead of our trip to ensure that we wouldn't miss out on the best fare Little Corn has to offer. Although we didn't find a tremedously large volume of places to eat, anyone visiting the Little Corn...

Before setting out on our holiday, Aaron and I compiled the below list of accommodation options—and we annotated it a bit based on our experiences. It seems that only a handful of the better established places can be reviewed and reserved online.

Our exploration of the island also suggests that some new resorts will be opening within the next couple of years. This list should therefore not be considered any sort of exhaustive guide. We just wanted to share a bit of what we learned from our investigations. Also, for anyone wondering: a few adventurous travelers we spoke with didn't wish to book anything in advance and were still able secure decent spots and good deals within a few hours of arrival. In other words, it's not absolutely necessary to pre-book, and if you're trying to save money you might be better off just seeing what you can find on arrival. Camping, however, doesn't seem like it's an option on Little Corn (Steadmen's allegedly allows it, but we couldn't get confirmation and no other places that we asked would allow it).

Insider Tip: Little Corn enjoys near constant easterly winds—helping to keep the eastern and northern side of the island cool and reducing the number of mosquitoes and sandflies a bit. The western side of the island (the 'village' and port area) swelters in the sun most of the day.

West Side (the 'Village')

A few hotels near to Little Corn's western port. This is the area referred to as 'the Village'.

The Lighthouse Hotel

  • url:
  • tel: +505 5731 3996
  • price: US$15/night and up

The Lighthouse Hotel is a newer establishment situated on the highest point of the island. The actual lighthouse offers a 360° view on the island—particularly rewarding at sunset. Private cabins, a sun deck, and restaurant.

Lighthouse Hotel

Yoga on offer. Cocktails and tapas at the restaurant. Discounts for weekly/longer stays.

3 Brothers Guesthouse

3 Brothers Guesthouse

3 Brothers Guesthouse is a family-run hostel located about 120 meters north of the port. Gusts have access top a shared kitchen, large dining/common room and outdoor patio with hammocks. Three brothers is regarded as both clean and relaxed.

Las Palmeras

  • email:
  • tel: +505 87450322 or +505 86506210
  • price: rooms with one bed $20 per night, 2 beds $30 and one room with one bed and kitchen $40 per night.

Newer rooms located approximately 500 meters north (left) of the dock. All have queen size beds. Private courtyard with hammocks and palm trees.

Sunshine Hotel

Sunshine Hotel

The Sunshine Hotel is a large yellow building just a short walk north of the port. Rooms with one or two queen size beds available, including A/C, TV and private bathrooms. The Sunshine Hotel is part of the Colibri Hotel Collection. Aaron and I heard that some of the Yamaya staff reside here.

Features the ‘Right Here’ Tapas Bar.

Lobster Inn

Lobster Inn

The Lobster Inn is a large, bright pink building just to the south of the port. Private rooms available with a bathroom, fan, and double beds.

Hotel Los Delfines

Hotel Los Delfines is a large white building painted in green trim located south of the port. Air conditioned rooms with private bathrooms and their own televisions. Suggested to be one of the more "modern" of the hotels on the island. They have their own restaurant with new 'beach balcony bar' serving local fair and "better than average" Nica meals.

Mastercard and Visa are accepted.

East Side

Casa Iguana

Casa Iguana opened in 1994 as Nicaragua's first eco-lodge. The hotel is situated on a private 40 acre reserve that includes two private coves and a farm. The grounds are clean and well manicured, and the hotel is known as family-friendly. Casa Iguana has a mix of 15 cliff top casitas cabanas painted in a collage of Caribbean colors with wide verandas and views of the beach. Beds are regarded as 'comfortable' (though Aaron and I heard mixed reviews). Rooms have safes to lock up valuables. Their entry rate of $20/night is for cabinas with a shared bath. They also have an Internet cafe and free WiFi for guests. 24-hour electricity is provided by an off-grid generator (combined wind/solar). They also supply guests with potable well water so as not to sell water bottles & have recycling bins. Night watchmen guard the premises at night.

Casa Iguana

A bit south of the port is a trail cutting across the island that leads to (just follow the signs). For those who book in advance, a staffer meets the ferry at the port to greet arriving guests and will have your luggage carted directly to your casita and back to the dock after your stay.

Casa Iguana's restaurant/bar overlooks a long stretch of white sand beach. The restaurant is rumored to serve great food (Anna and I didn't try) and cold drinks. The lodge is also a popular hangout with travelers and guests perusing the book exchange, boardgames or drink menu all day and night.

Casa Iguana also supports a US women's college by sponsoring an annual trip of biology researchers to study the reef and island aquifer while educating locals on their findings.

Accepts MC/Visa and personal checks.


  • price: $10-$15 per night


Steadmans offers basic wooden shacks that appeal especially to those looking on a very tight budget. Located right next to the beach and adjacent to LCBB. Rumored to have camping available.

Little Corn Beach and Bungalow

Little Corn Beach and Bungalow (LCBB) is an eco-friendly lodging establishment on Cocal Beach. Most of the bungalows have private verandas and are only steps from the water. The en-suites are known to be clean with quality beds, in-room fans (some with ceiling fans), nice bathrooms (hot water showers) that come equipped with bath and beach towels. Wi-fi is available for guests with their own devices.

Little Corn Beach and Bungalow

LCBB's new Firefly Studio, a 500 sq foot screened in Yoga and Massage studio surrounded by jungle is a unique environment to relax mind and body. Kayak, paddle board and snorkeling rental available.

LCBB's owners invest a lot of time and attention to helping sustain Little Corn Island's ecosystem and to helping to local community. They purify rainwater for in-bungalow use and promote recycling of waste products. They voluntarily ship (at their cost) all non-recyclable waste to be properly disposed in Managua and sponsor the B-ECO-I beach cleanup initiative. LCBB community investments include free annual veterinary clinics as well as the construction of a 'reading room' building.

Great food. Breakfasts start at US$2.99 and they offer a bottomless cup of brewed coffee bar, lunches start at \$4.50, four plate gourmet dinners start at \$9 and require no reservations. The menu features numerous vegetarian friendly items and features only the freshest available ingredients.

To get to LCBB from the port, cross east across the island from a path just south of the dock. When you hit the beach, turn right (south) and continue about 500 meters past Steadman's. You can also reach LCBB by walking north from Casa Iguana.

Accept MasterCard and Visa for hotel guests only (a convenience fee applies).

Elsa's Place

  • price: beach huts $10 with single bed, mosquito net, fan & shared bath; cabanas $20-50 with private bath.
  • tel: +505 2575 5014

Elsa is the name of the charismatic elderly woman who runs this inexpensive lodging establishment. Huts are set back a bit from the beach; the prime real estate is dedicated to the restaurant, which turns out a tasty fried fish.

Grace's Cool Spot

Grace's Cool Spot offers clean and quaint rooms beach views, decorated with island-style rasta paint. All beds have mosquito nets.

Grace's Cool Spot also offers snorkeling trips, fishing trips, sunset cruises, beach volleyball and bonfires twice a week. If you want to grab your snorkel you can also head straight into the water. They have lots of hammocks if you prefer to just curl up with a book.

Grace's Cool Spot also has a nice little beach restaurant that serves both classic Caribbean dishes and international fare with an island twist (e.g. coconut bread French toast).

Credit cards accepted; reserve through website.

Carlito's Sunrise Paradise

Carlito's offers a variety of accommodation options, from single-bed cabins up to a two-bedroom suite with a private kitchen and bathroom. Some huts are on stilts to help distance you from critters. Guests can also join in yoga and meditation at the Karma Shack.

Carlito’s restaurant arguably serves the best fried chicken on the island as well as fresh fish and lobster.

Accepts credit cards.




Secluded place set back from the beach along the path to Yemaya. Relatively new cabins and a house available for daily, weekly and monthly rental. Kitchen available for use.


  • url:
  • price: ca. US$400 day, with occasional off-peak dsicounts and some shared cabin pricing options are also available.

Yemaya is one of the island's newest places to stay--having opened in November 2013. This up-scale "eco-tourist" resort (we use quotes here because this label is a bit dubious) comprises 16 luxury cabins, most of which are located on the beachfront. Also features on site wellness facilities with yoga, massage etc.


Yemaya is by far the most luxurious place on Little Corn Island. The quality of the rooms rivals that many of the 5-start hotels where Aaron and I have stayed in the past. The batheroom alone is bigger than some of the dorm-style rooms we stayed in during our days at university—we even had our own in-shower plant! The bathroom finishings appear to be stones of ground coral tile (coral tiles wouldn't be terribly sustainable, would they?). Rooms have king-sized beds as well as an extra single bed (presumably for children or guests). The resorts also has a wooden deck path between the cabins and the restaurant that is illuminated at night (but depending on the direction that you are walking, it can be hard to see the steps; they end steps should probably be be painted to help keep guests from tripping). Yemaya also has probably the best beach on the island; certainly it's kept clean by their staff.

To get to Yemaya, guests can avail of their private shuttle service, which brings you directly from the airport on Big Corn to the resort on Little Corn. The round trip costs 50 dollars per person. Otherwise, to get there, one would walk from the port along the village road and subsequently a small dirt path through the jungle. The trek would be pretty challenging for anyone carrying a lot of luggage. Alternatively, one might be able to negotiate a ride on some private boats from the dock up to Yemaya. [Aaron and I took the private transport rather, which turned out to be pleasantly easy.]

Some minor annoyances: Paying 50 dollars, and yet still having to tip the people at the dock for "bag services' before they let your bar go. Restaurant that everyone raves about, but which we found to be very uneven. Exceptionally high prices.

Accepts credit card.


Ensueños, owned and operated by Spanish man named Ramon, is popular spot among long-term travelers. Set a bit back from the beach under the palm trees, the property comprises several interesting huts: artistic yet sturdy, built from local materials, and looking like something out of Swiss Family Robinson. The restaurant prepared meals on request and with advance notice.


To reach Ensueños, take the path north from the village (right at the fork), across the baseball field, and follow the signs for about 20-30 minutes. If you end up at the beach next to Yamaya, turn east (left) and follow the beach about 500 meters.

Farm Peace & Love

Farm Peace & Love is a private farm, situated a bit back from its beautiful white sand beach and surrounded by lush tropical forest. Conditions are comfortable but not luxurious. It's not a hotel or hostel as such, but rather two private quarters for visitors in the east wing owner Paola's private cottage home. The farm is both quaint and fully self-sufficient: growing not only food but also coconut, vegetables, tropical fruits, organic coconut oil, natural soaps and other products. They also maintain horses, goats and chickens, and have both cats and three dogs. Families with children are welcome.

Farm Peace & Love offers relaxed and unhurried horse-back riding to some of Little Corn's more remote spots. They also help to arrange private fishing and snorkeling trips.

Paola is also known to cook up some truly superb Italian fare with ingredients grown fresh on her farm. Farm Peace & Love's website notes that she's not operating a restaurant. Meals are for guests and on request only. Reservations are needed 24 hours in advance.

Getting to Farm Peace & Love is achieved via the same pathway as one takes to Ensueños and Yamaya.

Derek's Place

Derek's Place has a few huts made creatively from natural materials scattered across their bright green grassy lawn overlooking the sea. Three of the huts have double beds; one larger hut has two double beds and glass bottle walls. The mattresses are regarded as comfortable. Meals are prepared on request and served family-style for those guests who make reservations.

Derek's Place

Getting to Derek's is a 20 minute walk through the jungle from the port. Derek or his staff will pick up visitors from the port in his boat on request (and with an advanced reservation).


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